What Shoud I Wear?

Nazareth Ice Oasis is a cold ice arena year round.

Wear warm, confortable clothes.

Mittens or gloves are recommended.

Helmets are recommended but not mandatory.

How do I register?

The Nazareth Ice Oasis Skating School accepts registration forms in person, email, mail, or fax.

If you mail or fax your application in, you will receive a confirmation e-mail upon receipt.

Space for classes is limited, and applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Space in a class will not be held unless payment is received with the application. $10.00 addt'l fee for registrations on or after first day.

What is the ISI Fee?

Nazareth Ice Oasis Skating School uses the ISI (Ice Sports Industry) class format and testing levels in most of our classes. 

Membership in the ISI is required for all skaters taking classes at the Pre-Alpha (or Intermediate Adult) level or higher.

New skaters starting off in the Tot 1, Tot 2, Beginning, Parent & Me, or Beginning Adult classes are not required to pay the ISI fee until they reach Pre-Alpha, Intermediate Adult (or wish to participate in an ISI competition).

The fee is $15.00 paid once annually; ISI's membership year is 9/1 to 8/31.

The ISI provides accident insurance to it's members, and you will receive a magazine quarterly as a membership benefit.

Where do I go?

When you arrive for class, check in at the front office , or at the Welcome Table in the Lobby.

You will receive your name tag, and then proceed to the skate rental counter to get your ice skates.

On the first day of class, you will also receive an information packet.

You should have your skates on and wait by the door to the ice by the time your class is scheduled to begin.

Your teachers will meet you there on the first day, and then in your class area for the remaining classes.

Do you have Family Discounts?

Nazareth Ice Oasis Skating School offers family discounts to a family of 2 or more taking concurrent lessons. The second family member will receive a 10% discount, 3rd or more get 20% discount each.

(Discount taken off least expensive class, discount applicable to one class per additional family member).

What if I need extra help?

All of our coaches teach private lessons. If you are interested in private lessons, contact the coach directly. You can speak to them before or after class, or leave a message for them in the Skating School office.

If you have no preference for a particular coach, we have a rotational list of coaches and can select one for you.

If you leave your contact information with the Skating School Director, a coach will contact you.

What if I miss a class?

It is always best to attend your class whenever possible.

If you miss a class, try to skate an extra practice to ensure you are ready for the next week's class. You may make-up your class in another class of the same level. (See schedule).

Mak-ups ar not allowed in the first or last week of the semester.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact the Skating School Director at sblaisdell@iceoasis.com or 650-364-8090 ext. 116.

Nazareth Ice Oasis is a great place to learn to skate.